LUV Ice Cream was born from our passion. Passion for ice cream. But also passion to eliminate sugar from the American Diet. We believe sugar in many of its ubiquitous forms (sucrose, glucose, fructose, agave syrup, dextrose and especially high fructose corn syrup) has so insidiously penetrated our lives, it’s become invisible. Yet, sugar is responsible for the current obesity epidemic, heart disease and many, many related illnesses. We passionately believe we can enjoy ice cream and chocolate and candy without the sugar. We are working our darnest to make that happen!

LUV Ice Cream came from our desire for quality, premium, all-natural ice cream without the sugar. All our flavors are gluten-free. We only use natural ingredients that are, when available, also certified organic. Our cream and milk are certified organic. Our stevia sweetener is also 100% organic. Our list of ingredients is delightfully small.

LUV Ice Cream was also born of the goal to provide simple frozen gastronomic joys to those of us who are vegan, or lactose intolerant or have immune issues with milk proteins or just decided to remove dairy products from their diet. For them we offer our Nice Cream non-dairy line of frozen desserts. Nice Cream is based on coconut milk and cream and contains no casein or added sugar. That is a claim we make boldly and proudly as many other ice cream manufacturers use products stabilized by sodium caseinate.

Hey! We also make our own bean-to-bar artisan chocolate. Sugar-free, soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan. You won’t miss what’s not in there. Try our baking chocolate chunks. Try our chocolate bars with or without nuts. Sugar-free, vegan, dark, mysterious, yet not bitter. So dark they bite nib you back with Baby, I Nib Your LUV, our chocolate with organic, fair trade cacao nibs. Not in anger, but with LUV.

LUV comes in many splendid flavors. All our flavors are named after relationships because they are, after all, in LUV. Both our Ice Creams and Nice Creams feature luscious berry and fruit flavors: raspberry, lemon and strawberry. Seasonally, we add tart cranberry, passionately pomegratnate and orange chocolate chip to our scrumtious line up. All these are low glycemic index fruits and berries.

As chocoholics, we’ve developed what we believe to be the best chocolate ice cream in the world. Try our Cacao No. 5 and you will be on board. I’m SO Over Him features our own sugar-free vegan chocolate chips against the background of sinfully dark chocolate ice cream. You will forget all about him. And, it’s no-sugar added!

What about coffee, you ask? Our Morning After has been basking in rave reviews from everyone who’s tried it. After 30 years of premium coffee expertise, we’ve learned how to bring it to ice cream. Try it; you will love it!

But back to the berries: there is a reason Raspberry Chocolate Chip is called Love Potion No. 9. A spoonful is all it takes! You Make Me Blush Strawberry turns even those who rarely venture into fruit flavors into raving fans. Addictive and good for you! My Main Squeeze Lemon is a vegan, coconut milk based flavor that is so refreshingly tart and zesty, you will forget it’s not ice cream.



I’m SO Over Him ~ Cacao Chocolate Chip Choo Choo Choose Me ~ Chocolate Coconut
Friend Zoned ~ French Vanilla CocoNuts About You ~ Coconut

Where Is This RelationCHIP Going ~ Chocolate Chip

My Main Squeeze ~ Lemon Coconut
You Make Me Blush ~ Strawberry Pick ME! ~ Strawberry Coconut
Morning After Coffee A Whole Latte Luv Coffee Coconut
‘Tis Mint to Be ~ Mint Chip Two Nuts in LUV – Coconut Chai Pistachio
  Orange You Sweet ~ Orange Chip
Love Potion No. 9 ~ Raspberry Chip My Romeo ~ Raspberry Coconut
  Passionately ~ Pomegranate Coconut
   Love Crazed ~ Cranberry Coconut

This is the LUV Story: Susanna and Ilya have been enjoying life together for over thirty years. Like so many, during that time they have lost and gained hundreds of pounds! In the 80’s they were sucked in to the “fat is bad” theory and avoided high fat foods like the plague. The consequence was a boring sustenance, devoid of flavor and a waistline that rode a roller coaster!

Every once in a while they’d spoil themselves with a very special treat, a breakfast sandwich favorite made with real butter instead of a dehydrated chemical substitute. Those special buttered dishes were tenderly referred to as “made with luv!”

Now, years later, science has proven that refined carbohydrates and sugar have been the culprit of the bulging belly all along. But, where was Ilya to find his favorite food, ice cream, without the refined sugar?

Driven by the desire for quality ice cream and nondairy frozen desserts without added sugar or artificial chemical extenders, Susanna, a fitness professional and Ilya, a scientist, experimented for months on end. By the fall of 2012 they were making rich and creamy, all natural, gluten free, boldly flavored ice creams and nondairy desserts.

And so, responding to the popular demand of hundreds sampled, Luv Ice Cream was born…

Ingredients are sourced from as many local suppliers as possible. Coconut milk is used to make the delicious nondairy flavors. And, all are gluten free, respecting others with Celiac Disease and gluten intolerances.

Susanna and Ilya invite you to LOSE THE SUGAR AND FEEL THE LUV!.

Do you love dark chocolate? I mean, really LUV it?
Chocoholic, you say? But feel guilty because of the sugar?

Well, feel guilty no more.
You already know cacao is good for you. And we all know chocolate heals the soul. And now, it’s good for you overall. Because we removed the sugar. And doubled up on the taste.

Smooth, rich, decadent. Dark.
But not angry. There is no bitterness to this chocolate. Just little LUV bites back. Nibbles, really.

We needed chocolate chips for our Love Potion No.9. We needed chocolate chips for I’m SO Over Him. We needed chocolate chips for Orange You Sweet, not to mention Where Is This RelationCHIP Going?

No sugar-free chocolate chips were available that were the right shape (flat), right taste (dark & chocolaty), and vegan (for our vegan flavors).
So we made our own.

Taste the difference.

The stores that carry our ice creams tasted it and demanded we sell them that chocolate in bulk.
Four now carry it. And now you can have your chocolate and eat it too.

80% Cacao. 100% LUV.

So, where you find LUV? Are you looking for LUV in all the wrong places? We hope not!

At present, in our fifth month of existence, nearly a dozen retail stores in the Twin Cities area carry various flavors in our Ice Cream and Nice Cream lines. LUV can be found at Tailor Made Nutrition in Woodbury,  River Market in Stillwater, Fresh and Natural Foods in Hudson,  Valley Natural Foods in Burnsville, Wedge Coop in Minneapolis, Lakewinds Coop in Minnetonka, Lakewinds Coop in Chanhassen, Linden Hills Coop in Minneapolis, Fresh and Natural Foods in Shoreview and Sarah’s Sweets in Baldwin, WI.  More details about who has what flavors are coming soon. Meanwhile, here is a very partial listing that was current only a month ago!

Tailor Made Nutrition, Woodbury, MN

all vegan Nice Cream flavors:

River Market Coop, Stillwater, MN

Fresh and Natural Foods, Hudson, WI

vegan Nice Cream flavors:

…& completing the Dairy Hakuna Matata by bringing to Wisconsin Ice Creams made with organic milk and cream from Crystal Ball Farms:

Valley Natural Foods, Burnsville, MN

…& in the dairy flavors:

Seward Coop, Minneapolis, MN

Seward rotates through all LUV flavors, both vegan & organic dairy. However, they ALWAYS seem to have our best sellers:

(but if there’s something you want that they don’t have, ask Brian – he’s a super friendly guy who is happy to help)

Lakewinds Natural Foods Minnetonka, MN

vegan Nice Cream flavors:

organic dairy flavors:

Lakewinds Natural Foods, Chanhassen, MN

vegan Nice Cream flavors:

organic dairy flavors:

Fresh and Natural Foods, Shoreview, MN

vegan Nice Cream flavors:

organic dairy flavors:

Mississippi Market, West 7th Street, St. Paul

vegan Nice Cream flavors:

organic dairy flavors:


LUV is now in all of the Twin Cities HyVee stores (Oakdale, Brooklyn Park, Lakeville, Eagan, New Hope) and in Rochester. The offerings vary with the individual store, and if you check their Health Markets, you will find our frozen desserts, our full line of chocolates and even our Sweet Nothings(tm), zero calorie hard candies. If there is something LUV you NEED that they ain’t got, approach your HyVee manager; you will find them pretty responsive. With any luck, LUV will continue to grow with the HyVee in the greater MN and beyond.

Approach your local coop to carry LUV products you can’t live without. Leave them a note on the bulletin board. Their charter is to buy local. Most of them know that, but some of them need to be gently reminded :).

Thank you!