Lick of Lemon - zesty lemon-lime naturally sweetened with erythritol. Zero calories per 1 gram serving.


Orange Amore - orange creamsicle flavor naturally sweetened with erythritol. You won't believe it's zero calories per 1 gram serving!

Smooch of Strawberry - taste the real organic strawberries in every zero-calorie smooch! Erythritol sweetened.


Romance of Raspberry - savor the burst of real organic raspberries in every zero calorie romance! Erythritol sweetened.


Gist of Ginger - burst of real ginger in every tiny chip. Sugar-free, zero-calorie hard candy sweetened with erythritol.


Peck of Peppermint. Sugar-free, guilt-free and zero-calorie hard candy naturally sweetened with erythritol.


Kiss of Coffee - whether you need a little pick-me-up or just a passionate kiss of coffee, this will do the trick. We use the same coffee as in our famous Morning After Coffee Ice Cream and sweeten it naturally with erythritol. Naturally sugar-free and guilt-free with zero calories


Charm of Chocolate - did you think the rich taste of dark chocolate has to come with a ton of calories, sugar and guilt? Well, think again! This chocolate will charm you with its deep cacao flavor and zero guilt or calories. Naturally sweetened with erythritol.