Hello and thank you for reaching out to us.  If you are inquiring as to whether we ship our ice cream to your out-of-state (of Minnesota) location (we don’t), kindly read our FAQ (at for further details.  Because of the volume of emails we are no longer able to respond to inquiries regarding buying frozen LUV products online or shipping same out of state.  If that is the extent of your query, again, kindly read our FAQ.

LUV Ice Cream, LLC operates out of LUV @ 1st Site located at 2587 7th Avenue East, North Saint Paul, Minnesota. The zip there is 55109 should you want to send us a carrier pigeon.

You can sample our delectable no-sugar-added treats in our retail scoop and coffee shop & retail outlet located in the front of our manufacturing location. Make sure to call ahead for hours at 651 621 4484 or check out whether we are open on our facebook.

Otherwise, by all means, drop us an electronic communique:


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